About me

Writing 26 letters of the alphabet by hand while directing the push & pull of the nib has partnered my passion & love of calligraphy professionally for over thirty years. Like my nib authentically dipped in ink whilst gliding & dancing across the paper or canvas; the essence of my creations is genuinely my silent signature of grace.

With childhood beginnings in country wheat belt Western Australia; my love of writing began by watching my father’s rhythmic signature. It was also there that my love for nature and shape began to influence later impressions studying fine art & design. Further inspirations for shape were influenced by Victorian wrought iron welders but in particular Frenchman Edgar Brandt who’s curling staircases and gates majestically rose. The gildings of 16th century Rococo style, art nouveau and the patterns of William Morris have inspired my creations with flow, movement, rhythm and the curve of grace. Whilst the genius designers of Tricia Guild & Caroline Quartermaine have enhanced my detail with colour and embellishment, these artisan’s skills have all moved me by creating the beautiful and ultimately I have made that my own intention. Collating these impressions & influences together brought me to initiate a woman’s art group, entwining my desire to create both art & calligraphy together with the results on canvas & paper of an ambiguous & unique style. Drawing letters & words brings them to life, giving them the power to communicate & evoke the emotion intended within. Constructing letters with brushes during my “vintage period” while studying ticket writing realised my creative need to do so. In this fast paced world of instant technology, to be a true artisan who composes letters in vogue, fashions them with flair & style by hand is indeed a unique pleasure. Effectively my calligraphic bespoke words deliver a great sense of enjoyment. Firstly by me drawing & designing them and secondly, by the receiver’s delight at the unveiling.

Shape, along with the grace of line & curves, unite the flow of rhythm and movement enabling me to embellish the name on a place card, pen hundreds of invitations or hand paint illuminated capital letters/ initials into a handmade book. Innovative & timeless, the choices at my finger tips for the written word that are available to you are an extensive list for the celebrations of life. My ardour for beautiful writing inspires me to demonstrate, exhibit, teach and share; therefore enabling me to “spread the word” with a contemporary resurgence to an era of elegance.Your words of choice are vitally important to me to illustrate their life and impact required. I love the challenge of hand writing any topic or occasion with bespoke commissions a welcome event and it is my pleasure to hand write with sincere dedication.

My quest evolves to add another feather to my quill, broaden one’s nib and spread the art of beautiful writing to dwell as a modern form of expression not only on paper but also in a manner of endearment. I am an adamant believer that” anything you do should come from the heart” . I trust that my calligraphy & art beside the power of the word, deliver that communication.

Yours truly & always with a flourish,