First ever blog post!

Welcome to my first blog EVER!
Something new is always exciting & I look forward to sharing this beautiful art of silent speech, poetry in motion and dancing on paper with you all.

So,one of my most favourite things to share with you is my adoration of the curve. It brings a flow of grace & elegance into my bespoke creations.

As too does the grace of the Rococo curve that embellishes and captures the full swirl or drape of a gown that I flamboyantly illustrate in detail. The gown must be full length with streams of material to catch the light and shade as it flatters the woman’s body like a 16th century Duchess sashaying her silk in a gliding walk.

The curve also graces the photos I take (as all photos are captured by me), & I often deliberate to capture that arch, bend or loop in the right space around it. Very much like the space in and around a letter.

Call it Fibonacci or The Golden Mean, it tickles my fancy.

Thank you for joining me as I paint with letters & work my pen woman ship in gestural art to mime the art of grace & pursue the beauty of the curve.

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